Tango at nursing home

Under the auspices of Den Kulturelle Vandringsstaven and Folkeakademiet, the outstanding Tango ensemble Orquesta del Centenario held two concerts in Sandefjord.

Orquesta del Centenario is a tango ensemble from Buenos Aires who plays in a style known as la Guardia Vieja. Through Folkeakademiet, the orchestra is now on tour in Norway. The group’s repertoire includes tangos, valses and milongas, both instrumental and vocal, and is aimed at both the dancing and the listening audience.

Wednesday afternoon transformed into a southern atmosphere for 70 visitors at Framnessenteret, and later in the evening at Sole lokale at Store Bergan. The audience was raving about the great rhythmic music and the wonderful voice of Shirlene Oliveira from Brazil. Hope we get to hear them again next year.

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– Rhythmic: The group was started in 2012 under the leadership of the renowned guitarist Eduardo Valle Cuarteto del Centenario, and currently comprises five musicians from Argentina, Brazil, France and the eminent Norwegian violinist Karl Espegard.

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