A few weeks back, my colleague Åsbjørg Ryeng (bandoneón) was approached by the pianist and composer Juan Pablo de Lucca from Buenos Aires, whom currently is traveling Europe playing in various milongas across the continent. When he proposed to form a trio, we gladly accepted and soon after, the first series of concerts fell into place, with a second tour in December on it’s way. Having yet to come up with a proper name, we temporarily go… Read More »

Under the auspices of Den Kulturelle Vandringsstaven and Folkeakademiet, the outstanding Tango ensemble Orquesta del Centenario held two concerts in Sandefjord. Orquesta del Centenario is a tango ensemble from Buenos Aires who plays in a style known as la Guardia Vieja. Through Folkeakademiet, the orchestra is now on tour in Norway. The group’s repertoire includes tangos, valses and milongas, both instrumental and vocal, and is aimed at both the dancing and the listening audience. Wednesday… Read More »

This coming Monday there will be Argentine rhythms in Steinhuset. GRANAVOLLEN: In 2009, the Unesco decided to include the Argentine tango in the Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists. This says something about the uniqueness of this dance and music. Steinhusets Venner regret that they do not have room for a big dance performance, but they are still happy to be able to offer the international tango orchestra “Orquesta del Centenario” from Buenos Aires. The orchestra consists… Read More »

Invites to tango concert The city is overflowing with cultural events on weekdays. Now, Gummibaren enters the stage with tango. – There are so many cultural events in Drammen now, but we try to start something that does not step on the neighbors toes, says Gunnar Grinaker. He is one of the owners behind the city’s newest bar concept, Gummibaren. They are located at Brodahls Gummivarefabrikk and opened its doors in October. This coming Wednesday they… Read More »

Nine years after the previous concert, violinist Karl Espegard (32) comes home to Nesbyen. Thursday 19th of November, old classmates, family and music enthusiasts can meet Karl Espegard in Nes church. Together with the french-argentinian guitarist Jean Pouye (24) and bandoneonists Asbjørg Ryeng (23) from Trondheim, the violinist invites to “Cafe 1930”. Or like he prefers to say: Tango in Nes church. – I’m excited to return to Nesbyen to give concert, and especially to… Read More »

For some years I have kept a small document with notes about what I consider the most important things to remember while practicing my instrument. Whenever I stuck to those rules I noticed much greater confidence in things that I previously found very difficult, at times unattainable. They are not quick fix solutions nor specific to any instrument, but rather a a set of simple rules that is always in the back of my mind. 1. Slow… Read More »