Pablo Murgier Ensemble

Gare du Sud (2022)
Reflets (2020)
Muy Lejos (2018)


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Pablo Murgier, piano (AR)
Minino Garay, percussion (AR)
Romain Lecuyer, double bass (FR)
Simone Tolomeo, bandoneon (IT)
Karl Espegard, violin (NO)

Founded in Buenos Aires in 2017, the Pablo Murgier Ensemble is an award winning jazz ensemble, currently based in Paris. Led by the pianist and composer Pablo Murgier, the group is comprised of some of Europe's finest jazz and world music performers like Minino Garay (Dee Dee Bridgewater, Richard Bona) and Romain Lecuyer (Ute Lemper). The ensemble was nominated for the Argentine Grammy Awards for «Best New Artist» in 2018. Murgier's latest album «Gare du Sud» from 2022 received much deserved attention in the international press, leading to sold-out concerts in theaters and jazz clubs around Europe.

An evocative album of nine songs, Gare du Sud delves into a universe of sophisticated timbres derived from a blend of jazz, world music and latin rhythms. Incorporating the haunting sound of the bandoneon, the music surprises with its distinctive colors, disruptive rhythmic patterns and rich, beautiful melodies. Drawing equal inspiration from Keith Jarrett and the Argentine contemporary Diego Schissi, the Pablo Murgier Ensemble dazzles audiences with its eclectic musical language and fresh approach to jazz.

Pablo Murgier is a versatile Argentine pianist, composer, and improviser known for his unique blend of jazz, tango, and world music. Based in Paris, he leads the acclaimed Pablo Murgier Ensemble and has performed at renowned venues worldwide such as Philharmonie de Paris, CCK of Buenos Aires, and Konzerthaus München. His rich discography highlights original compositions, and he has been involved in diverse artistic projects, including collaborations with ARTE, France 2, and Netflix.

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Karl Espegard & Sverre Indris Joner

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Karl Espegard & Sverre Indris Joner