Los Milonguitas

Live in Nuremberg (2021)
Los Milonguitas (2017)
Rosa y Negro (2019)


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Pablo Murgier, piano
Simone Tolomeo, bandoneon
Seba Noya, double bass
Karl Espegard, violin (guest)

The tango trio "Los Milonguitas" have a clear aim : that all of the dancers fill the milonga dancefloor. Influenced by the great orchestras of the golden age, (Di Sarli, D’Arienzo, Caló), "Los Milonguitas" offer trio versions in style as well as their own compositions, always taking into consideration the performance necessities of the milongueros, the real protagonists of the dancefloor. Since 2014, in Buenos Aires, "Los Milonguitas" have been constantly elaborating their repertoire, during milongas porteñas, defining their musical choices in line with the style of the most prestigious milongueros, making theirs the advice of dance professors and internationally recognised DJs.

New compositions complementing the repertoire are inspired by the universe of the current milongas porteñas, from the classic to the more informal or transgressive ones. The musical trajectory of the members, the pianist Pablo Murgier, the bandoneonist Simone Tolomeo and de double bass player Sebastian Noya, allows them to offer interesting and innovative arrangements, influenced as much by the Argentinian popular music as by jazz or rock. Their first album "Los Milonguitas I", released in February 2017, reflects the color the milongas porteñas they are involved in, with tandas in style and cortinas. In April 2019 they released their second album "Rosa y Negro", which shows all its ability to offer new dance compositions and in which there is a part recorded in a typical orchestra with 12 musicians. From March 2017, "Los Milonguitas" have realized several tours for more than 20 countries, from Russia to Europe, giving more than 100 concerts.

El Campanario – Live in Nuremberg

Rosa y Negro – Live in Nuremberg

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